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My skis are in the shop being repaired. The good skis, I should add. So I was stuck with the waxless hybrids and I didn’t get very far before I started thinking that maybe I should get those fancy new waxless skis with skin strips for grip. Because these existing waxless skis, they really are bad in both directions. Bad grip, bad glide. And they slip sideways, too. So skiing was just a dull grind, first up the long hill towards Anåfjället and then the long glide back home. Needing to push myself ahead even when the track is sloping down a little… now that’s really dull.

Another thing that was dull today? The weather.

On the upside, I did find a nice spot to shoot Gråstöten. They haven’t prepared those last 400m to get up to the tundra from the Anåfjället trail, but there’s been a lot of snowmobile traffic so it’s a bit easier to go up now, as compared to the soft powder snow earlier. But it would be so much easier to come back down if there was a prepared trail… I still haven’t learned how to break in soft snow!

Gråstöten on a dull day. In full colour!

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