Another day in winter paradise

We got a lot of new snow this week, and now it’s very cold again. Not too cold for a little bit of skiing though, which was all the more pleasant when there was almost no wind.

I took off from Högsta Hållan towards Malmbäckstugan, at first I wondered why the trail was completely snowed over but then I saw that Malmbäckstugan was closed, so they didn’t bother to prepare the trail. So no waffles for me, but another lovely day out!

There was light fluffy snow in the air, which reduced visibility

It was a natural soft focus effect on the background

Wonderful patterns in the snow after the snowstorm

Hamrafjället with some soft clouds

Sunset faded behind the clouds again, there wasn’t much nice light left after I took this.

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  1. Miika says:

    Juuri ne talven maagisen valon hetket parraimmillaan!

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