Rounding Rieme

When the sun comes out, the mountains are glowing white and I just cannot get enough of the views. The snow has now fallen off the trees when temperatures went from -32°C on Monday morning to +2°C on Thursday, with hard winds in between, but that of course make no difference for the peaks.

My plan was to ski around Rieme (Ramundberget the mountain), but the question was if the snow would carry me well enough in the Össjödalen valley when the track is not prepared yet (they start with it in the middle of February). I got lucky and found fresh snowmobile tracks instead and had no problems skiing to the Össjödalen cabin. From there I followed the snowmobile trail to get around Rieme and back to Walles.

What a beautiful day to be out. I know I’ve said this countless of times, but I am so lucky to live here!

Exercises in high key, version one

Exercises in high key, version two

Exercises in high key, version three


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