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Went skiing today. I did Mittåkläppsspåret for the first time this winter, and I picked the right day for it – it was absolutely gorgeous. After a couple of km of skiing up the trail, the trees were covered in frost and/or snow (no snow on the trees down in the valley). With the sun breaking out occasionally, it was just eye candy wherever you looked!

View towards Skarvarna
Imagine skiing through this
Skarsfjället made a brief appearance. On my way back it was in the clouds again, and I didn’t get to see the peak of Stor-Mittåkläppen either because it was maintaining a cloud of its own.

One thought on “Mittåkläppsspåret

  • Miika January 21, 2018 at 07:33

    Melkoisen muikeaa valoa taas ollut, sekä sopivasti valkoista myös puissa!

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