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We actually have a proper winter this time. Lots of snow, and plenty cold – I think last night was the coldest yet, -31°C. It didn’t exactly encourage me to go out, but I did anyway, had to put the car heater on. By the time I drove off around lunch, it was only -15°C. And when I got to Tänndalen, it was a balmy -8°C. Except that the wind was really hard, so it felt more like those -15°C.

When the wind is an issue, I prefer snowshoeing to skiing. I have some experience in skiing in a headwind and then gliding backwards… I can’t say I enjoyed it. At all. Anyway, I headed towards Andersborg with the wind on my back, and started to wonder exactly how painful it will be to walk back to the car with the wind square on my face. I followed the trail a little bit past Andersborg, and when I turned back, I realised that my face needed more protection, as the cold was biting my forehead and the wind even got through my mittens. But I had half suspected that this would happen, so I had a warmer hat and mittens in the pack. And speaking of being prepared, it was a good call to wear contact lenses and goggles. Glasses are never good in cold weather (they make my eyes tear up and have a tendency to get foggy from my breath), and with ice crystals flying around like today, it just plain hurts to have them hit my eyes.

It was nice to go inside and sit by the fire at Andersborg and enjoy the first waffle of the season. I felt so good that I decided to make a de-tour instead of heading straight back to the car, and with the warmer clothes on, it was actually just fun. As always, when you’re warm and dry and don’t have to worry about food or water or getting lost, outdoors in challenging conditions is just a refreshing change to the beautiful sunny days. Having said that, I am already looking forward to those warm April days!

Incidentally, when I got back home, it was only -7°C. The wind however had reached Ljusnedal and it feels like it’s blowing right through my walls! I have a somewhat chilly 16°C indoors temperature. In my beadroom it’s dropping below 14°C, and the radiator doesn’t work… I haven’t told my landlord because I normally don’t want to turn it on anyway (I prefer a cool temperature when I sleep), but at the moment I kinda wish I would be able to turn on the heat!

Reduced visibility because of the wind
Fuzzy lines
The sky looks like it’s a mixed from two difference pictures
Flying snow
Snow in the air
This one is from yesterday. It was -23°C so I just did a short walk to admire the frosty trees.

One thought on “Freezing

  • Miika January 15, 2018 at 07:18

    Hienoa jälkeä saa aikaiseksi, kun vain uskaltautuu ulos, kun on kylmä!

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