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Year 2017 in pictures

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What a great year it was! 2017 did wonders for my personal development – I pushed my limits further than I had thought was possible. Looking back, the greatest achievement must be the via ferrata in Italy. It was tough both physically and mentally, but I did it! And then there were so many other highlights… visiting the Faroe Islands and Iceland, seeing the first light of a midsummer morning reach Njupeskär, hiking through the Lunndörren pass, doing the Romsdalseggen hike… and the list goes on. I can only hope that 2018 can be equally good (because I don’t even dare to dream that it would be better)!


A morning by the sea in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands was the last piece in my puzzle to visit all the Nordic countries. I had no expectations going there, but even if I had had any, they would have been exceeded. I really loved the place and I hope I get to go there again, but with more emphasis on hiking. The distances are short, it’s an invitation for day hikes!


The world turned black and white

The winter had been somewhat lacklustre. We had enough snow for some good skiing, but the camera stayed in the bag. Until that one epic day when the forest was covered in thick frost. The landscape was just surreal!


My favourite place, Ånnfjället

The good skiing continued, so did the “camera-in-bag” syndrome. The highlight of the month was a trip to the Fältjägaren mountain cabin which I’ve planned for a long time. The pictures didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped for, but the trip was still worth doing. But the pick for the month is from Ånnfjället. Getting up there became so much easier when they prepared the last 500m up to the tundra!


The ruling swan couple

And then suddenly we had spring. I kept skiing until Easter and then I hurt my knee, which put a premature end to my season. On the other hand, the snow was melting fast as well. With more and more open water available, the migratory birds arrived and I had a good time photographing some swan behaviour. And a rare sighting of a great egret!


Swans take flight at Tevsjön

What would I do without the swans…


An unforgettable morning

Well this is a no-brainer. The photo of the month just got to be Njupeskär in sunlight. A dream come true!


Twin falls of Fallmoran

I did a hiking trip to Italy, which was a great experience but photographically it wasn’t anything special. The time was really spent on hiking, there wasn’t much time for shooting! So the photo of the month is from Fallmoran in Vemdalsskalet.


A beautiful morning at Lunndörrstugan

I did a lot of hiking in August, and most of it pretty exciting! Like the Romsdalseggen hike in Norway for example. And I was able to check off another item from my bucket list when I hiked through the Lunndörren pass and then visited the Pyramids and Issjödalen. So all things considered, the pick of the month is maybe a bit unexpected, it’s just a quick snap I took in the morning after brushing my teeth at the Lunndörren mountain cabin. I had originally picked another picture for August, but this mirror calm lake has grown on me so I had to go with this one.


My favourite place again, on the other side of Ånnfjället

I had concerns that the autumn colours would be a no-show because we’ve had a lot of insect damage. But the problem with the larvae eaten birches was local, for example the forest along the Mittåkläppen road looked very sad, while the birches at Ånnfjället looked great. So I kept coming back to Ånnfjället the whole month, and got rewarded for it. Some really nice hikes again!



Iceland, what else?


Full moon above Gråstöten

I was reluctant to let go of the hiking season so I did a few hikes in the new snow. The undeniable highlight of the month however was seeing the full moon come up behind Gråstöten, as seen from Funäsdalsberget!


Full halo

The great thing about skiing on the tundra is that you often get surprised by what’s up there. I went skiing from Högsta Hållan towards Malmbäckstugan, expecting some blue skies and white expanses. I got a halo instead!

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