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It’s super moon today. I had a great plan to shoot it on Funäsdalsberget (again), but the weather disagreed – there wasn’t going to be even a hint of a moon with these clouds. That didn’t stop me from going to Funäsdalsberget though, because the trees are still all frosty and snowy and I love these grey conditions. Besides, I was in no mood to go up any mountain on my own force so the gondola was perfect.

When I got up there, it was even better than I had hoped for. I had snowshoes and initially followed the cross-country trail on top of the mountain, but the conditions were amazing so the trail was just too short! So I just kept walking up and down the ridges, sometimes following the snowmobile trail, sometimes making my own tracks. It was only my second hike with the new MSR Evo Tour 22 snowshoes but this one was a hundred times easier than the first, giving me a good feel for the snowshoes. They are light and well balanced and walking is effortless, really happy about them!

It was only a couple of degrees below freezing, the wind wasn’t a problem, and the cloud cover was just barely above the top of the mountain. Just couldn’t ask for more! I kept thinking, those sunny days like the day before yesterday are gorgeous, but when the trees are covered in frost like this, I probably love the grey days even more. The way it was today with sensory input at a minimum, my HSP brain was completely at peace. These monochromatic days are balm to the soul and I can’t imagine a better way to start 2018 than this.

The sight that waited for me when I got on top
Occasionally the cloud got so low that visibility was reduced
The new Sami hut
Heavy branches
Today’s view from the top
More mountain birches
And some spruces
You can barely see the trail here. No contrast in the snow at all, I almost didn’t see the trail even when I was walking on it.

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