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Sunrise at Ånnfjället

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What a morning! I left well and early to catch the sunrise on Ånnfjället, but it wasn’t quite as straightforward as I had thought it would be. For starters, it was much colder than it was supposed to be, and for a brief moment I even considered cancelling. Skiing in -20°C is not entirely good for your lungs… but I trusted that it would be get less biting the higher up I got, so I just put on enough layers to manage. And then had to stop a couple of times for a wardrobe change when my internal heater was working at full power and I started sweating despite the cold. These unscheduled stops put me behind my schedule and I got a bit worried that I would miss the sunrise, just like I did two years ago. Especially when I had to spend over 20 minutes going through that last 500m to reach the tundra. I had no tracks to follow and you just have to trust me when I say that it’s difficult and very slow work “skiing” uphill in 50cm deep powder snow!

But happily, I had enough of a margin to get topside just before the sun came up. And it wasn’t cold up there, around -10°C probably, and no wind. So it was actually really nice, and unbelievably beautiful – I almost didn’t want to turn back!

I’ve reached the tree line with a few minutes to spare!

When I got home, I had a look at the mountain with binoculars. I saw my tracks! So now I just hope that in the coming weeks, we get some more snow and the wind picks up a little to cover my tracks, so I have a pretty snow cover to shoot later this winter. 🙂

* * *

It was -23°C in the afternoon when I needed to drive to ICA to buy food. It took me at least 10 minutes to scrape a big enough hole in the ice that covered the windscreen, because we had some freezing rain earlier this week. The car heater had been on for 2 hours… I mean it’s not the first time I’ve fought with an icy windscreen, but when you need to use the sharp corner of the ice scrape to make a tear in that ice, it’s just crazy. When I finally got to the village, I found it packed with cars. And ICA packed with people. A trip that normally takes me less than 30 minutes, took an hour… But on the upside, I found Pepperidge Farm cookies. I’ve loved those since my very first trip to USA in ’94, the only problem is that I never found them in any store in Europe. Well apart from Verkkokauppa in Helsinki a couple of years ago. And now ICA in Funäsdalen. 😀

The sun has just cleared the horizon. The long shadow across the image is Gråstöten.
Sweet, sweet morning light!
Some clouds in the west, making the sky and the snow almost the same colour
I know it’s almost New Year, but this a perfect little Christmas tree! And a very tough one, to survive up here.
The line points towards the peak of Ånnfjället
I can’t decide if I prefer the previous horizontal version, or this vertical. The clouds work better here.
Patterns in the snow
A big white landscape
Trees are covered in snow everywhere. The winter scenery is really beautiful, not just up here on the mountain, but down in the valley as well.
The nice light is gone
A shadow-selfie (shelfie?) just before gliding down to the forest.
The Finnish FMI got it right in the morning, as usual when it’s high pressure.

2 thoughts on “Sunrise at Ånnfjället

  • Miika December 31, 2017 at 08:54

    Joulu-tammikuun valo on kyllä todella hienoa – silloin kun sitä vain on!

  • Minna December 31, 2017 at 09:42

    Niinpä! Tällaiset aamut on harvassa, kannatti uhmata pakkasta! Tänä aamuna oli -29… tänään en ehkä hirveesti ulkoile. 😀

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