I’m pretty good at not losing things. What I mean is that if I lose something, I find it again. Sometimes quickly, sometimes after a long while, but those lost things have a habit of coming back to me. Most of the time, anyway.

A couple of weeks ago I lost the remote for my camera. Not a major loss, as it was a cheap knock-off, but the timing was bad. I’m leaving for Iceland on Saturday and I must have a remote! So I couldn’t wait for it to re-surface (because I’m convinced I’ve just misplaced it, instead of genuinely lost it – I remember where I used it the last time and I’m sure I put it in the bag). So I browsed the cheap knock-offs on Amazon again, and instead of getting the same remote that now is missing (because what’s the point of having two exactly the same?), I splashed out on the big intervalometer instead. It still being cheaper than any kind of Sony original remote. I also considered a wireless remote but I didn’t want to risk triggering somebody else’s Sony in Iceland… the remote is not paired with the camera as such so I assume it will trip the shutter on any Sony with the wireless remote function enabled. And also, I had a wireless remote for my Canon at one point. It worked when I tested it, and never again. So I don’t have a lot of faith in those things.

I actually had a similar intervalometer for my Canon as well, but only ever used it as a normal remote. I forgot how to use the timer options because I never used them. So I learned it, didn’t use it, and forgot. Checked the manual again, didn’t use it, and had forgotten it when in the field. Etc. Anyway, so now I have this fancy new Shoot remote (“Shoot” is not a typo, it’s the brand name. A name that inspires confidence, for sure!), and wanted to try it out before Iceland, maybe I’ll remember the functions if I actually use them.

Then at one point I tested the remote by letting it hang in the water. It was not entirely on purpose, granted, so I fished it up quickly, took out the batteries and dried everything carefully with a small pack towel I always have in the pack (except on my first trip to Iceland where I lost a small pack towel and never got it back again). Put everything back together, and lo and behold – the remote was still firing!

The old remote then. I found it. Right where I left it. It’s just that I left it in place where I normally never keep any photography equipment, and it was inside a pouch where I normally never put it, so it was just simply out of sight. Just as well that I have two remotes now. Both are coming with me to Iceland, in case one of them goes for a swim and I don’t rescue it soon enough!

Evenings are frightfully short now. I didn’t even have time to check Tevån upstream, otherwise I would’ve needed to walk home in the darkness! Through the forest!

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2 Responses

  1. Miika says:

    Uudessa rungossani on mainio ominaisuus: kännykkää voi käyttää etä-etsimenä ja -laukaisimena. Kätevää varsinkin sen vuoksi, että en muuten koskaan muista ottaa langallista kaukolaukaisinta mukaan. Vielä kätevämpää olisi, kun koko homma toimisi todellakin pelkkänä kaukolaukaisimena: vähemmän ääntä, pienempi virrankulutus.

    Onnekseni itse tarvitsen kaukolaukaisua erittäin harvoin nykyään, joten taas tuli maksettua käyttämättömästä ominaisuudesta 😉

  2. Minna says:

    Sonyllakin on mobiilisovellus, testasin sitä ennen kuin ostin ekan kaukolaukaisimen mutta se ei oikein vastannut odotuksia (en nyt muista tarkkaan miksi se ei kelvannut miulle mutta jotain puutteita siinä oli). Noh, nyt kun on kaksi remotea niin ehkä sitä toista muistaa aina pitää mukana… sitä ekaa ja pienempää varmaan. Tää uusi on melkein isompi kuin kamera. 😀

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