Autumn is the best season

I’ll never get tired of Ånnfjället. It doesn’t matter how many times I’m up there, but I always find something new. I’m not talking about summiting it every time, I mean the peak gets uninteresting really quickly. All you need is to get above the tree line, and the options are endless!

My new favourite route is to turn left from the trail as soon as it gets to the tree line. It’s easy walking from there, it’s mostly just a lot of dwarf birch but it’s not high or dense enough to really be a problem. Then you can go from birch to birch to see which works best for your composition, until you get to the small tarn which is a perfect place for fika (if it’s not too windy). You can actually summit the mountain from this direction, and it’s easier than the “official” route! The ascent isn’t as steep from here and the bonus is that you have great views all the way. The marked trail goes across and between the ridges on the mountain which limits the view. Speaking of alternative routes, I found a path coming from Uggtjärnen, and realised that it’s actually also a viable route to summit Ånnfjället. It would add 1 km to the hike (one way) but it means that the altitude gain is spread over a longer distance, thus making it easier. The detour via the small tarn adds about 0.5 km in the distance. Now that I’ve found the detour, I don’t think I’ll ever want to take the trail on the way up!

It was such a great day for hiking. Perfect temperature and no wind and certainly no mosquitoes, this is why I love hiking in September so much. Well that, and the great colours, obviously! I almost didn’t want to come down from the mountain at all, so I just kept walking up and down and along those ridges and found some new photo ops, which have to wait for better light though.

What a great week it has been! Lots of hiking, while there’s still enough daylight left after work. The days are getting shorter and my options are limited, Funäsdalsberget being the best bet because it’s closest. Then there’s .. well, Funäsdalsberget. And if all else fails, Funäsdalsberget. 😀

I showed a similar comp of this tree 5 days ago, and the colours have changed

Same tree up close

Yup still the same tree. And it’s raining on Skarvarna.

The little tarn

Overcast and dark day, but perfect for hiking

It’s still raining on Skarvarna. It is such a calm day that the clouds are almost not moving!

This is the moth (I think winter moth, Operophtera brumata) that’s been eating our birch leaves. Found lots of them floating on the shores of Ånnfjällstjärnen.

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