Monthly Archive: July 2017


Now it’s summer

Because it’s not summer until I’ve had a waffle at Djupdalsvallen!



After some heavy hiking in the Alps, it is nice to be back on our gentle fjälls and take it slow and just enjoy the trek. Today’s activity was to check out a waterfall I...


Piramidi Vincent

The plan was for the guides to check out the weather at 4am and then wake us up if it looked good. I woke up long before that and saw how it was flashing...


Capanna Giovanni Gnifetti

We had the morning off, because today’s hike will be a short one. But do not mistake that for a boring one, because it’s now that we’ll start reaching completely new heights! It didn’t...


Via Ferrata

Bruises. Check. Cuts and scrapes. Check. Aching muscles. Check. Adrenaline overload. Check. We did the Via Ferrata today! This was the deciding factor when I was choosing my trip, there was another organiser who...


Rifugio Barba Ferrero

It’s another overcast day, but not raining. In other words, not many views to be seen but it’s perfect for hiking! We had some help to get started, we took a minibus to the...