Anåfjället from a new angle

Went for a drive in the evening, in search of birds. I found some, but nothing I could shoot, so I used my telephoto to do a panorama instead. They’ve cut some forest along the gravel road to Tännäs, and the view is spectacular – you can see everything from Stor-Mittåkläppen in the north-west, to Lillfjället in the north-east. The view is interrupted by some lonely trees though, so the widest panorama you can do is to take in the entire Anåfjället massif. Which is not so little!

Anåfjället panorama. You should make your browser full screen and then click the picture to see a larger version!

We’ve had a sunny week and even a couple of nights with temperatures above freezing. This does a job on the snow, and the river behind the house is now almost completely free of ice. And the water level is rising. However, a cold front will arrive tomorrow, so most of the melting will happen only in direct sunlight.

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2 Responses

  1. Miika says:

    Hieno, vaikkakin parturoitu metsä hieman särähti silmään, ei kuitenkaan kovin pahasti.

  2. Minna says:

    Juu itsekin harmittelin sitä. Toivottavasti joskus osuu kohdalle niin hieno valo että kukaan ei huomaa sitä metsää!

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