In search of flowers

Since my knee makes it impossible for me to go skiing (the mountains by the way look absolutely divine now, so no I’m not bitter at all), I decided to go looking for some spring pasque flowers. We don’t have any of them here, but over in Hede they’ve got plenty and I’ve seen a lot of pictures on Facebook already. So I went on Artportalen and checked out the hottest spring pasque flower locations with easy access so I don’t need to trouble my knee too much. I found five promising locations and saved them on my GPS and drove off.

Of course, the forest is a big place. Even if I have a good idea of where I can find the flowers, all it takes is that I’m 5 metres off and I will miss  them (unless they are fully in bloom and the light is just right so I can see the white petals). But I hoped that I would get lucky in at least one of the locations, while wondering if they could really already be in bloom here when the forest floor still felt frozen under my feet. And then I saw the leaves! I had the right spot! After looking around a bit more, I found two tiny little buds. I was happy, my mission was accomplished already in the first location! I didn’t care that they were not in bloom, I just really wanted experience the joy of discovery.

As I was driving to the second location, I kept thinking about the feeling of finding something on your own. My greatest botanical achievement is finding the alpine chamorchis, after years of trying. What I’m saying is that it’s nice when you get to see a flower you have wanted to see for a long time, even when you have somebody who points that flower to you. But finding a flower on your own with nothing but a vague idea of where it might grow, now that’s an achievement!

My second and third locations didn’t produce anything, in fact I couldn’t even access one of them because the road was covered in snow, and for the other my coordinates were so much off that I couldn’t even see the kind of forest which spring pasque flowers like. The fourth location was more likely, but I couldn’t find anything.

So I drove to the last location, and found another car parked there and a small group of people staring at something on the ground. Only one explanation for that – they were also looking for the spring pasque flowers. And there they were, some of them already in bloom! There was only one problem… this spot was right next to 84, and there’s a limit to how much kneeling down I want to do while cars are driving past. So I just snapped a few shots without even bothering to remove some twigs that crept in the frame.

It was a really nice day, lots of sunshine and my knee didn’t bother me at all. Or I didn’t bother the knee!

Spring pasque flowers by the road

Spring pasque flower buds

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2 Responses

  1. Miika says:

    Nice! Especially the first one works really well for me!

  2. Minna says:

    I should take quick snapshots by a busy road more often 😀

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