It’s been very warm (as in, above freezing) lately and the snow is disappearing fast, but there’s plenty of it left for some great skiing today. I took the bus to Bruksvallarna and then skied to Funäsdalen via Andersborg, this is what we call the “Solskensturen” (except that normally people finish in Tänndalen but I pushed on all the way to Funäsdalen). I passed no less than three waffle cabins today, every one of them was packed full and I resisted the lure of a waffle and instead relied on my thermos and snacks.

Solskensturen was worthy of its name today, I had sun on my face almost all the way from Bruksvallarna to Andersborg. There were some clouds hanging around at Kariknallen and many of the peaks were also shrouded, but it really just made the landscape even more beautiful. After Andersborg, there clouds started to cover the whole sky but it was still very warm, I was glad that by then it was mostly down the hill for me. Everybody I met looked seriously overdressed, going up the hill as they were. I think overdressing is an easy mistake to make, your mind kind of refuses to understand how warm it is when there’s still snow everywhere and you’re skiing, which normally is an activity you do in freezing temperatures!

By the time I was skiing through the forest to get down to Funäsdalssjön, the snow was extremely wet and the skis just wouldn’t glide on it, so I didn’t get any freebies even when going down. It’s not that the snow sticks under the skis, it’s just that the skis are kind of sucked into the wet snow. Work work work… I had to sacrifice my last energy bar just to get across the lake, which is still safe to cross but it’s covered in water. You know me and ice, it wasn’t a place where I wanted to spend a second longer than I needed to!

This is just after Kariknallen, I’m still in the cloud but the light is breaking through

A pair of lovely small mountain birches which were just begging to be photographed

And here’s the sun! Stor-Skarven in the background still has a cloud on it

As I said, it’s been warm. Some exposed spots have lost their snow cover completely.

The trail with its packed snow is still sufficiently raised so it wasn’t necessary to ski in the water. But you can see, it is very very wet.

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