400m of happiness

It’s been cold since I came back from the Faroe Islands, but it was warm while I was gone and it hasn’t been snowing since then. The snow cover is seriously reduced but there’s enough of it left, it just doesn’t look very nice. The skiing is ok, the tracks are in fairly good condition, a bit icy at places and a bit dirty as well (looks like it was also very windy while I was gone so there’s some debris on the tracks), but overall, very nice skiing.

It’s been a while I’ve skied my favourite trail, Anåfjället, so that’s what I did today. And holy smokes how happy I am I did it… it is abso-freaking-lutely gorgeous up there! Down here the trees are naked and boring, but up on the mountain it’s all frosty. And I was thrilled to bits to see that they have actually now prepared the track all the way up to the tundra! They didn’t do it last year. It’s only about 400m from the normal loop to the tundra and I’ve done it many times through soft snow and it’s really hard going. It’s heavy to go up, and difficult to come back down (you can’t use the “plow” in powder snow to brake). But now it’s a beautiful highway and I’m so happy I could just hug the track machine driver! The track makers actually deserve a hug even without this extra 400m. They do a brilliant job in keeping the tracks in great condition all through the winter and the track fee really is a small price to pay for all the joy we get out of the 300 km (!) of skiing!

This is how far the prepared track gets you

These are all colour pictures, just look at the red trail marking on the birch

As I said. This is in full colour!

I didn’t want to leave the place but the cold started to bite my fingers every time I stopped

Winter wonderland

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  1. Miika says:

    Now that looks like winter! Something we don’t see much around here…

  2. Great winter photos, and beautiful places!

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