Last morning

Our flight didn’t leave until the afternoon, which left us time for a morning shoot in Norðradalur. It took me a while to find my spot, but when I did, I was happy – I think I’m getting the hang of shooting the waves! Bit of a last chance but better than never. 😉

It has been a great trip. The Faroe Islands really exceeded my expectations (what little I had of them), and the group of islands so small that you can explore most of it during a week. The landscape is spectacular with mountains rising straight from the sea everywhere, it’s like the whole coastline is a Norwegian fjord. We also didn’t see almost any other photographers or even tourists, so it felt like a real chance of getting some pictures that the world and their brother don’t already have. Obviously this the low season, but still. It’s a striking difference to Iceland which is soon going to wear out itself. The landscape has a lot of similarities to Iceland though, so if you don’t need the glaciers and geysers, you should visit the Faroe Islands instead! Ok fair enough, there’s a lot more to Iceland than glaciers and geysers, but what I’m trying to say is that the Faroe Islands really made an impression on me and I would absolutely love to visit it another time!

I burned god knows how many frames on this, until I got the wave go around the big rock just right.

Same spot, adjusted angle, bigger wave, shorter exposure, more drama

Last shot with the system camera, time was running out and I was desperate to get a wave that came high enough

The serpentine road that leads down to the cliffs where the above pictures were taken

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4 Responses

  1. Minna says:

    Before anyone says it, yes I forgot to clone the dust bunnies from the b/w picture! So sue me.

  2. Miika says:

    Oh come on, need higher res pic to notice dust bunnies! Well, I spotted one, now that you mentioned 😛 Even so, nice drama, my favorite.

  3. I love the shorter exposure
    Should have followed you?

  4. Minna says:

    I think this time it would have paid off. 😉 I really liked the spot, it took me a while to find the best composition but it was worth it. 🙂

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