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Today we dedicated the day to Kalsoy, which we have already shot from a few angles as it’s right in between Eysturoy and Kunoy. There’s a couple of small villages on Kalsoy, and regular ferry traffic – another sign that these islands are doing well. There’s only one road on Kalsoy, running up and down the island, with a few tunnels under the mountains. Those narrow tunnels are a chapter in themselves… there’s only one lane, with frequent pockets to pull over in case of traffic.

We did our first shoot at Mikladalur. The village had a surprise in store – forest! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was obviously planted with a sturdy fence around it, so the sheep wouldn’t get at it. But still, small as it was, a forest. Wow.

We had a nice session when the sunbeams appeared again over the strait, more or less the same place as yesterday but now we saw it from the opposite side.

Then we drove as far north as the road went and did the rest by foot. There’s one of the iconic Faroe locations on the northern tip of Kalsoy, the Kallur lighthouse which is perched on a high cliff. The view is stunning, but the best angles require a balance act. Lucky it wasn’t so windy today, those spots would not have been fun if the wind got hold of you. Or if the grass was slippery from rain. But it was all worth it, even if the air was hazy from the stormy seas of previous days.

There is a narrow ridge reaching out from the lighthouse, and I figured that it might give me an even better angle. It did, but the way there was somewhat precarious with only a muddy path (again, lucky it was not raining any more) and a 200m drop on both sides. And I did the return trip twice! I lost sight of the entire group and had to go back to check if they moved to a different spot, but no, they were just hanging around and there was plenty of time, so back I went to my exclusive spot. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the path!

A spotlight on Kunoy
There were ruins like this all over the place
Far on the right, you can just make out the seastacks The Giant and The Witch (at least in the full-res pic you can see them)
My exclusive spot

2 thoughts on “Kalsoy

  • Miika February 7, 2017 at 08:47

    Vaikkei valo ehkä paras mahdollinen ollutkaan, niin sävyt toimii kuin junan vessa! Viikon päästä olis kyllä hiihtoloma, että… 😛

    P.S. Kielipoliisi hämmästelee:
    ” I lost sight of the entire group and had to back to check…”

  • Minna February 7, 2017 at 09:39

    Unohtu “go” siitä välistä (had to go back). Aina nää pienet sanat…

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