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Five islands

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The raining has finally stopped but the wind is still an issue, and it gave me problems during our morning shoot at Gjógv. All of my frames were soft due to vibration, so every one of them went down to trash. I’m not as heartbroken as that may sound though, because the composition wasn’t really that good to begin with. Chances are I would have deleted them anyway…

We made a brief visit to Kunoy and got a lucky break, some nice sunbeams over the fjord between Kunoy and Kalsoy. But we didn’t find anything more interesting there so we continued on to Viðoy and Viðareiði, which is as far from the hotel as we’ll get this week. I ended up shooting in bulb mode, figured that I needed a one minute exposure and counted the seconds in my head. Out of the 3 bulb frames I took, one was exactly 60 seconds. Pretty good, if I say so myself!

All of this means that we managed to visit five islands in one day. Torshavn (where we are staying) is on Streymoy, Gjógv is on Eysturoy, Borðoy we actually just passed through, made a brief visit to Kunoy and then Viðoy. There’s a bridge between all of these five islands except Eysturoy and Borðoy, where they built a tunnel instead. So you really get to see the most of the islands within a week, it’s not like most countries where you go, where you only see one part of the country during your visit.

As I mentioned before, I didn’t do any research about the Faroe Islands before I got here. You might almost wonder why I wanted to come here at all when I had no idea about the place… but I just simply needed to come here so I could complete my collection of the Nordic regions. I had some vague expectations, for example that there are no trees here. I’ve seen a few so far, every time in somebody’s garden. There’s not even a bush that grows wild, but I think that’s thanks to the sheep. I also thought that Torshavn would be a small town like Ilulissat in Greenland, but it’s actually quite big (at least from my countryside perspective). And there are other big(gish) towns here as well, Sandavágur on Vágar and Klaksvik on Borðoy, plus a number of smaller towns or villages. And everything looks very neat and well taken care of, the building standard on average is quite high, certainly better than I expected. I thought that there would only be small fishing villages with houses in varying stages of falling apart! So also in this respect, the islands have exceeded my expectations. A very positive experience so far, even with the weather as it has been!

Curious sheep
Sunbeams over the strait between Kunoy and Kalsoy, taken on the Kunoy side
From Viðareiði. In the background, the nearest mountains are part of Viðoy and the island far back is Kunoy
Another from Viðareiði

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