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Tough day

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We are really getting to see the nasty side of the weather in the islands. The wind is relentless and it’s still raining, but what is that to an intrepid group of photographers? We were out and about early in the morning, as usual. 

We drove to Tjørnuvík, where the bay is somewhat sheltered from the wind, so it was easier to deal with the rain. I abandoned my system camera, I just didn’t think it was worth risking it in these conditions, and took out my little Olympus Tough which is made for this weather. I even did something I have never done before, and shot some moving pictures! I think it worked out quite nice, I don’t mean that I’m good at it (I mean, give me a break, this is my first time filming!) but it does show what the conditions were like, better than still pictures do.

With the rain just getting worse, we had to admit defeat again and drove back to the hotel. It was a relief to change to dry clothes, I didn’t have a single item of clothing that was completely dry. And I had a waterproof layer on me!

But the hotel is nice, the shower is warm, and the coffee is good. It’s not such a bad way to spend a vacation. 😉

You can hear the wind and the rain above. And check out all those waterfalls!

Apologies for the somewhat shaky picture. As I said, it was windy… and stabilising is actually not turned on by default, I only discovered that after this film!

Normally this would be a nice view towards the seastacks (The Giant and the Witch)
There were sheep everywhere, but we also saw some half-tame ducks and geese in a few places

Fossá is the biggest waterfall on the Faroe Islands. It was extra big today, and I got completely soaked during the few seconds the window was open to shoot this.

Yesterday I mentioned all the waterfalls by the road. This is what I meant!

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