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The storm arrives

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The weather forecast doesn’t look very promising, it’s going to be heavy winds and rain for two days now. But, never say die, we ventured out anyway and actually got quite a good session in the morning.

We drove to Gjógv to catch some wave action again. The cliffs weren’t quite as slippery as yesterday morning, which was a relief, because there was a lot of rocks to walk over to get to the best spot. I found that I’m having some composition problems, it looks like I still can’t deal with the waves when I’m shooting close to them. I kind of set up my composition based on the rocks which visible all the time, and then when the wave comes, there’s not enough space at the bottom where the wave pattern lands. I only discovered my mistake when reviewing the pics later, but I have plenty of time to get right in the coming days!

When we drove from Gjógv, the wind had picked up a lot and it had also started raining. We stopped by a nice waterfall but the wind was so hard that it knocked me off my feet – twice. When you add the rain and the drops flying away from the waterfalls, it’s pretty impossible to shoot, no matter what direction the wind comes from. It left us no other option but to drive back to the hotel early, nothing else to do but to wait out the storm. I have never seen so many waterfalls in my life… there’s a waterfall every 50 meters on average, not kidding! Big waterfalls have become huge, small waterfalls have become big and then there are countless of waterfalls where there was no water before. When you’re driving, what’s really impressive is how good the drainage system is. You’d think that the roads would become rivers with all these waterfalls lining the road, but there were no problems at all. The roads in general are very good in the Faroe Islands, we’re talking Norwegian standard. One of the many positive surprises here!

Kalsoy is barely visible through the rain
Wave patterns
Moments after this picture a gust of wind knocked me off my feet. I decided that I had done shooting for the day!

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  • Miika February 5, 2017 at 10:14

    Melko messevät aaltomaalailut!

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