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Into the sea

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Sun rises so late that we have time to eat breakfast at the hotel before heading out. This is going to be the routine for the whole week – early breakfast, lunch on the road, back to the hotel for dinner.

We spent the first morning in Syðradalur, it’s a place with lava rock formations and a small waterfall and an island in the distance for background. The cliffs were horrendously slippery, I still can’t believe I didn’t lose my balance at any point. Careful is the word!

In the afternoon, we did a hike along the shore of the biggest lake of the islands, Leitisvatn (also called Sørvágsvatn). The interesting thing about the lake is not the size though, but its outlet – the lake runs out straight into the sea via a creek that’s about 100 m long, and ends in the Bøsdalafossur waterfall. It’s not so easy to get a good view to the waterfall, so you can’t be too afraid of heights while you’re balancing on the cliff’s edge. I sat down on the edge with my feet almost dangling down (I wanted to dangle them but I have very strong self preservation instincts), which gave me a good enough angle to the fall and the sea below. There are other viewpoints besides this one that we explored, so if I ever go back to the Faroe Islands, I will definitely want to spend more time in this location. Highly recommended!

The small waterfall in Syðradalur in the morning
Slippery cliffs in Syðradalur with Koltur in the background
Lava rock formations telling the tale how the Faroe Islands were born
The Leitisvatn lake empties straight to the sea

2 thoughts on “Into the sea

  • Miika February 5, 2017 at 06:59

    Hieman ihmettelin reissun ajankohtaa, mutta pikkuhiljaa alan ymmärtää.

  • Minna February 5, 2017 at 07:57

    Teoria oli että vuorilla olisi lunta, mutta lämpötila oli tosiaan sitä luokkaa että lumet olikin jo sulaneet. Ihan rannikolla ei normaalisti ole lunta joten kuvauspaikoille olisi päässyt lumesta huolimatta. Mutta joo… lyhyet päivät on kyllä helpompia kuin esim. Islannin-reissuilla missä yöunet oli keskimäärin jotain 6-7 tuntia, mikä sinänsä nyt kuulostaa aika paljolta mutta kun on viettänyt sen koko hereilläoloajan ulkona kuvaamassa niin hieman väsy olo tuli välillä. 😉

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