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Faroe Islands

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A couple of years ago I decided to explore all of the Nordics, not just the five countries, but the autonomous areas as well – Åland, Greenland, Svalbard and the Faroe Islands. I visited Åland ages ago as a teen but it counts, Greenland in 2015 and Svalbard last year. Which then only left Faroe Islands and now I can check off that as well!

I got a first glimpse of the islands before landing. The coastline is impressive – the mountains rise straight from the sea, just like in the Norwegian fjords. There was very little snow in sight, just a few patches here and there to indicate that there has been a good snow cover this winter, but now it’s quite warm. Almost 10°C, as I found out. Which sounds more than it felt, because wind is a big issue here!

Since we landed early in the afternoon, we had time for the first photo shoot so we drove to Gásadalur, which is in the north-western part of Vágar, the same island where the airport is. My tripod was buried at the bottom of my luggage and I just couldn’t be bothered to take it out, so I found myself shooting a waterfall while hand-holding the camera. I didn’t mind it though, I was fairly sure that there would be more waterfall opportunities later in the week! And in the end I also got a long exposure when I found a cliff to support the camera.

I realised that I haven’t seen any pictures from the Faroe Islands, not that I remember anyway. I have almost no idea what to expect, so whatever we’re going to see here, it’s guaranteed to be new to me. No Jökulsárlón complex here, for sure!

We have a very nice group, there’s five of us plus Magnus (our guide) and I had actually met three of the other people on earlier trips. So no need for many introductions in the beginning!

Rainbow over Faroe Islands
Sunbeams in the horizon
Waterfall at Gásadalur in evening light
The light is gone, but I found some cliffs to steady the camera for a 3 sec exposure!

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