I’m going to Svalbard! And in order to that, I first had to get myself to Oslo Gardermoen to catch the flight. I took the scenic route via Rondane and when the Rondane road turned to rough gravel, I regretted my choice. The view wasn’t that good… especially having already seen it two years ago. Although the sky was better this time.

No further complications on the way. The closer to Gardermoen I got, the more the landscape reminded of Sweden. There were no mountains or fjords, just forest and agriculture and no tell-tale signs that I was in fact in Norway. I haven’t seen this part of the country before. But tomorrow, it will be a completely different landscape!

First viewpoint

First viewpoint

Second viewpoint

Second viewpoint

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2 Responses

  1. Miika says:

    Näyttääpä kovasti tutunoloiselta paikalta. Hyvä keli sattunut kyllä – valkoista sopivassa määrin!

  2. Minna says:

    Joo onneksi osui nuo pilvet kohdalle! Muuten oisin ollut katkera siitä auki revitystä asfaltista, ei ollut hauskaa.

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