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The last update from the Crane Watch: still incubating. I’m off to Svalbard tomorrow and by the time I get back, the crane babies have hatched for sure and the family will be long gone from the nest. But I hope I have some other animal pictures – bird or otherwise – to show when I come back. 😉

I’ve been packing all weekend (or so it feels) and the camera gear in particular is giving me a headache. The Canon and the Mega-Tamron take up half the pack and the other half isn’t quite big enough for two camera bodies and four lenses. I’ve spent hours (or so it feels) on trying to put together that puzzle. Too much gear you say? Surely not!

But I did have a break from the packing today, did a short hike to Hamrafjället in search of mountain avens, which I saw blooming by the road in Ljusnedal the other day. Turned out that the mountain avens doesn’t bloom on the mountain yet, but it was a nice hike anyway. And there’s a lot of other flowers in bloom already, so I think I will get home just in time for the peak flower season!

Wolfsbane leaves
Wolfsbane leaves
It doesn't look so flowery here but the local variations are huge
It doesn’t look so flowery here but the local variations are huge

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