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Dawson FallsOf course, the morning we have to leave Jasper is the morning that is sunny. But can’t help it… At least we saw some nice morning scenery on the way, and even spotted some moose – they are the bigger cousins of the moose we have at home, so it was special. Mt Robson was also showing itself this morning; often it’s shrouded in its own weather system so we got a lucky break.

Helmcken FallsWe made a small detour to the Wells Grey Provincial Park to check out a few waterfalls. The Dawson Falls were wonderful – I went closeup crazy, barely remembered to take a photo which actually shows the whole falls.

And then we drove to the Helmcken Falls, no complaints there either. I’m glad I finally got my waterfall fix! All that remained was the boring drive to Williams Lake for our overnight stopover on the way to Bella Coola. At least they have free WiFi at the motel and I have time on my hands to update the blog.

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