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Storvigeln 0


I have somehow always managed to avoid hurting myself on hikes. Some minor things, yes, but nothing that I couldn’t manage. I have also been fairly good at packing everything I need. I might...


Dunsjöfjället Tjaakse

I did a great hike to Tjaakse in Ljungdalen to celebrate 40 out of 60 peaks. The full story in Swedish on my new blog!


Storvålen and Fiskbäckvålen

I have been hiking a lot in the past weeks, but not writing about it on The Quiet Picture. The reason is that I have registered a new domain and will make an effort...



I never wear shorts when I’m hiking, no matter how hot the day is. I always have long trousers to minimise the amount of skin on offer for the mosquitoes and other blood suckers....


And now it’s green

After the brief scouting trip to Ånnfjällstjärnen earlier this week, it was time to go all the way to the top. Just four days ago the road to Övre Lillåsvallen was partly covered in...


Fine summer evening

It’s not officially summer yet, but it could well be. It’s insanely warm. As in, do the reindeer thing and try to find all the snow patches to get some relief from the heat....