The Quiet Picture

231/365 0

Backup plan

The “Welcome to Föne” sign was put up earlier this summer, and as soon as I saw it I knew it would be my 365 on a day when I couldn’t think of anything...

230/365 0

China aster

My china asters have finally started to bloom!

229/365 0

Annoying dahlia

Yes I’m calling it annoying. Don’t you just hate it that the flower is out of focus? And I did it on purpose – gotta try to break the rules sometimes!

228/365 1


I was going to do a short walk, just long enough to see if my new insoles fixed the Haglöfs-boot chafing problem. I took Hateful Hill* #2 up to Kappruskaftet and I was just...

227/365 2

Frösö Zoo

I had a day off and drove to the Frösö Zoo in Östersund. They only keep open during the summer season and they close on Sunday, so this was the last chance. I’ve been there...

226/365 1


Went for a walk after work. The cows were all lying down but as I got closer, they got up and mooed at me. When I walked past, they even tried to follow me for...