The Quiet Picture

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The snow chaos that wasn’t

Since the days are getting so short that there’s not much daylight left when I get home from work, I’ve been taking my camera to work to shoot the day’s 365 (as you’ve seen,...

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Maple leaves

Caught the leaves on camera before the wind spread them. Just seconds after taking this, the small leaf was gone.

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There are some huge willow trees by the lake close to the office. They’re no good for autumn colours like the aspen were yesterday, but the bark has interesting detail regardless of season.

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Funny how you sometimes discover something new although it has been right in front of you for years. And years. We have this row of Swedish columnar aspen (yes, “Swedish” is actually part of...

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I had been worried that the birds don’t like my feeder setup in the forest but it just apparently took some time, because now I’m seeing a lot of traffic there. I had my...

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As usual, when there’s nothing else to do, go to the zoo. I really had no expectations today, if I would get one nice picture then it would be a bonus. It would be...