The Quiet Picture

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Winter solstice

Shortest day of the year in the zoo, you can understand there’s not much light to go around! It should’ve been a sunny day but all it takes is a thin cloud in the...

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Christmas tree

I really don’t care about Christmas. Beyond enjoying the many days off that it gives me. Anyway, here’s my Christmas tree. Decoration by nature.

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My new neighbours are making me nervous. It’s a bit strange that I can’t get to my house without going through their backyard and it’s also strange that my house is surrounded on three...

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I guess you could call it a snow cover. But when you can still see the grass through it… it’s really not much, is it?

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There was a pedestrian bridge from the parking to the second floor of the tiny shopping mall in Ljusdal, but in November it crashed down when a truck drove into it (good job – how...

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A very nice sunrise, luckily I still had the reflecting ice to work with in the morning. A bit later we had some snowfall, not much but enough to make the surface white. It’s...