The Quiet Picture

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Sunset rainbow

I took my 365 (or what I intended to be such) during the day today so I could pack my camera, ready for tomorrow. I don’t like last minute packing, that’s just an invitation...

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Stopped by the lake on the way to work. This is one of the many things I like about autumn, when the wisps of smoke rise from the water. The fog was moving quickly,...

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Another morning with frost. It makes the landscape look like Mother Nature moved the saturation slider way to left!

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Frost night

It was frosty this morning, just like forecast. The effect in my garden was immediate and the cosmos flowers in particular had suffered. Yesterday when I came home, I was looking at the cosmos...

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Suddenly wind

Yesterday when I came home from Loos, I made it back just before a weather front hit Föne. The wind picked up enormously and the trees were swinging like crazy and I had to...

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Rock hunting

I had an introduction into geology today. A group of us learned about the origin of rocks, and tips and tricks in finding rocks containing interesting minerals and the excursion finished with a visit in the...