The Quiet Picture

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I was lost in Iceland every time we were shooting by the sea, but I think it encouraged rather than disheartened me to keep at it. So today I drove to Hornslandet, which was a...

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After the brief display of light yesterday, we are now back to the dull and grey weather that we’ve learned to know and (not) love in November. Although having said that, it’s not too...

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Could it be?

Is it… could it be… maybe it is… light?

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Sticking out

One nice thing about this 365 project is that it gives me a reminder of what the weather was like through the year. So take this November for example, I can check my pictures...

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And I didn’t even need to convert it to black & white! The monochrome tones were provided by the weather, all I needed to do was to boost the contrast.