The Quiet Picture

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Wolverine play

As usual, with nothing better to do, go to Järvzoo. And am I ever happy I did… I’ve never seen the wolverines put up such a show before! I’ve seen them play before, but...

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A lot of fog this morning, it didn’t clear until towards lunchtime. I didn’t get out early enough to catch the fog down in the forest, but it was still lingering on Vallåsen (the...

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So, my choices at the moment are either cows or blurry pictures. I actually considered creating a blurry cow for a moment, but came to my senses. So, a cow it is, and it...

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Had a busy day at work. It felt like I was doing three things at the same time all day, and I was spread quite thin when I got home. I just wanted to...

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Today’s walk took me to a field with an old broken barn.

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I have to say, the clouds in the past few days have been just fabulous! Well except those on Sunday maybe. They were just dumping rain all day.